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Keeping a journal for a whole year??

1 Jan

I don’t know about keeping a journal the whole school year. If I could just write stories, it would be easy, but she’s asking that we share our “hopes, dreams, fears, and inner thoughts.” First of all—inner thoughts? What other kinds of thoughts are there?

 Second, she says we’re supposed to write two or three times a week, including one entry on the assigned topic. Well, is it two or three? Doesn’t she know that if she says that, then everyone will just write two? You’d think teachers would have figured this kind of stuff out by now.

And third, there’s no minimum length for how much we write each time—we are just “encouraged” to write complete entries. “Encouraged” is not a word that gets students to do anything. I’m worried that the other kids are going to see Ms. Dell as an easy teacher and not take the class seriously. Then it’ll be Mr. Peterson’s eighth-grade Language Arts class all over again. Why do I care if nobody else does any work in this class? Why do I even spend time thinking about it when what I really should be doing is figuring out what to make for dinner…