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day 2: reluctant blogging, or if a 14-year old girl reveals her true thoughts in the blogosphere, will anyone hear them?

2 Jan


When Ms. Dell assigns an essay, it’s not like I get all excited, but I know what to do. When I’m writing for myself in my paper journal, I write my inner thoughts or sometimes a poem. There’s no way I’m doing that on a blog, even though I know that nobody is even reading it out there except Ms. Dell.

If I were a tree in a forest and fell, I might not actually make a sound, but I would still know that I’d fallen. I mean these words might just be going out into space, but they’re still my words, and I don’t want my feelings strewn across the public atmosphere for just anyone to pick up.

Sorry, Ms. Dell, I’m sure I will come up with something in the future. Does writing about not wanting to write count?